Truck Is Swallowed Up in a Matter of Seconds - Now You See It, Now You Don't

What would you do if an articulated tanker truck simply disappeared no more than 90 feet away from you? Well, we sure hope you would take out your phone and film it like these guys did, because the Internet doesn't need people with conservation instinct that run away to safety. At least not if they don't also have zoom-capable cameras.
Truck disappearance act 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from YouTube
This horrifying moment was captured by a group of Turkish quarry workers, after initially spotting something was wrong. Reports say that they saw the giant hole beginning to form around the truck, and so they retreated to what they thought was a safe distance and began filming.

The circumstances of the spectacular event aren't clear, but since this was a quarry and heavy digging equipment was involved, we can suspect somebody didn't do their calculations right so a large body of soil became loose, generating a landslide. The poor truck (which appears to be a Mercedes-Benz) just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time surrounded by the wrong workers.

Speaking of places, the incident occurred in Turkey's Tunceli province, in the middle of the Anatolia region. Luckily, reports say that nobody was hurt, but it's not for the worker's lack of trying. They might have signed the work protection code, but they clearly chose to ignore it on this occasion. It's not like we don't empathize, though: you don't get to see something like this every day.

It looked as though the truck did something so bad, it made Satan split the earth and reach out from the depths of Hell, grab it by its tractor head and pull it down with all his might. It's just a shame nobody had the guts to approach the sinkhole and give us a glimpse at what the truck looked like resting in that cavity. Like a baby in the womb, we like to imagine.

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