Truck Crash Sends Tons of Flour into the Air: the White Explosion

Truck crashes are more common than you might think, and because of the weight of heavy haulers, the outcome tends to be dramatic.
Truck Crash Sends Tons of Flour into the Air: the White Explosion 1 photo
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Recent studies from all over Europe show that despite strict regulations, unskilled drivers are driving long hours, often with vehicles that are over capacity and in need of a service. This next accident happened in Russia because of excessive speed and mechanical failure.

The vehicle is carrying way too much speed for that particular corner, which is a blind downhill slope. Brake failure compounds the problem and results in an accident that will not be easily forgotten.

The runaway vehicle swerves off the road and hits the side of a nearby apartment building. The entire neighborhood must have been terrified by its sound, though not as much as the pedestrian that nearly go hit.

Boy, it must really suck to live in Russia. A truck can come out of nowhere and kill you, even if you're sitting on your sofa watching television.

The weird thing about this crash is that the truck is filled with tons of flour. The force of the impact sends it flying through the air as much as four floors high. For several tens of meters around the crash, everything is covered in white, including the car that's filming the incident.

But Russians have a way of turning misfortune into a positive thing. Chicken truck crash? No, chicken borscht all week. Cow roadkill? No, stake all month. But the dirty flour is probably only good as food for the pigs.

Maybe if he crashed into a pool, they could have made a lot of dough. But that's a half-baked joke, as the crash looks fatal. The camera man was lucky he wasn't further forward when it happened.

I know you guys are wondering why the truck driver didn't engage the handbrake, but his vehicle probably doesn't have such a feature. Commercial transporters use compressed air to power the brakes because it can be sent to the rear axles when the trailer is connected. Air brakes are supposed to clamp shut when they fail, which they didn't in this case.

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