Trotify - the Must-Have Bike Accessory for Monty Python Fans and More

In case putting together "coconut" and "horse" is already enough for you to smile broadly, if not even laughing, then this means two things. The first is, naturally, the fact that you are at least aware of what Monty Python did and stands for. Secondly, it also means that you will love Trotify, the ultimate bike accessory for fun-loving people.
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In case you thought that it's hard to come up with a dumber thing than the horse-sounding coconuts in Monty Python and the Holy Grail (video excerpt below), allow us to introduce to you Trotify, the automated "coconut horse machine."

Now, it's true that the fellows who haven't received the blessings of Monty Python might look at Trotify with a WTF expression on their faces, but there's alway a but. One of the videos below shows people who testify that Trotifying works way better than anything when it comes to announcing an incoming bicycle.

It may look like a joke, but Trotify is as real as it gets and reportedly will start shipping this year. So far, we haven't been able to find a price, but given its simplicity, we can assume that you won't have to break your piggy bank to get one.

It will make your bike trot and clop at slow and medium speed, and will shut down itself when reaching higher speeds. Made from plywood, Trotify will only add a small weight to your bike and will attach as easily as a headlight.

If you plan to ride it in the rain, applying a coat of water-resistant varnish would be a great idea. The critical parts are made from metal, anyway, so it appears that Trotify is sturdy enough for daily commuting.

Trotify is if you wish, the evolution of the old playing card played by the spinning spokes of a bike. Not only it is more technologically advanced, albeit in a very Monty Python way, but it also looks like it can do a much better job at making pedestrians aware of the approaching cyclist.

A creation of Original Content London, Trotify is as English as it could be, a worthy addition to the company's list of oddball projects that include fun games, silly household items and a lot of crazy ideas.

Maybe if enough of you drop these guys a line, they'll come up with some news, as their website doesn't sell Trotify any more, and we're positive we'd like to get one, despite the Brexit and its implications in the motorcycle industry.

Testifying in real life

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Fun with Trotify

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What people say

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And a scene from the Monty Python movie that inspired Trotify

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