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Triumph Reveals Tiger 800 Ice Bike, Where Is Your God Now?

I must admit I’m one of those nuts who isn't locking his bike in the garage when the temperature drops under 15 degrees Celsius. Heck, I ride even when it’s below 5, and the only thing that stops me is ice or snow. Even then, if I had the newly revealed Triumph Tiger 800 Ice Bike here, there would be no riding off-season.
Triumph Tiger 800 Ice Bike 8 photos
Triumph Tiger 800 Ice BikeTriumph Tiger 800 Ice BikeTriumph Tiger 800 Ice BikeTriumph Tiger 800 Ice BikeTriumph Tiger 800 Ice BikeTriumph Tiger 800 Ice BikeTriumph Tiger 800 Ice Bike
It’s not a brand new idea, but Triumph has created its own ice bike, and it got unveiled recently at the NEC Motorcycle Live Show, where it turned many heads along with the company’s other models for 2017, including some custom made ones.

Fitted with a heavily-studded rear tire, the Tiger 800 Ice Bike also comes with a completely redeveloped front end, where the wheel has been replaced with a ski that is mounted on a modified suspension.

The list of mods continues with a number of official Triumph accessories like billet parts, a handlebar-mounted external temperature gauge to laugh at it like a maniac when it reads negative numbers, a sat nav holder so you don’t get lost in the woods or fields, headlamp protectors, different front and rear mudguards as well as a new side-exit exhaust system.

To make it even better, there are high-powered off-road LED lamps on the sides as well as emergency rescue tools like a collapsable spade and ice pick to save yourself if you fall into a ravine or something.

Not sure if Triumph forgot to mention about this or is included in the pack, but there’s no info on heated grips and seat. I’m pretty sure those things are a must if you plan taking this out for a “spin” in the winter.

The problem is Triumph didn’t mention if this is just a “look at me” show-off bike or a real kit that can be fitted to a normal 2017 Tiger 800 model. It would be nice to know; some maniacs like me might want to get one, you know?


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