Triumph Daytona vs Porsche 911 GT3 vs Polaris RMK Snowmobile, All on Ice

There are certain perks to being a Finnish guy, and massive amounts of snow and lots of cold weather are just one of them. We can almost see how certain people are already frowning as we refer to cold and snow as “perks”. Nevertheless after watching the video below, hopefully with no more frown marks on your foreheads, you’ll join us in cheering these crazy Finns.
Having a Triumph Daytona supersport bike playing in the snow with a Porsche 911 GT3 and a Polaris RNK snowmobile is definitely one thing you don't see too often 1 photo
If you ever wondered why are there so many top-level rally drivers from Finland, this video is part of the answer. It’s really hard to think of a more unfriendly riding or driving surface than ice, and this goes for cars and even snowmobiles. As to motorcycles, in the absence of hardcore spiked tires, the only road leads to the ER.

Well, if certain fellows manage to pull tricks, donuts, wheelies and all sorts of other drift-related tricks on ice, then we can assume they’re already mastering this on tarmac, ain’t it so? So now it’s a tad easier to understand why are the Finns battling for the top places in rally world…

Far from being a competition between the Triumph Daytona, Porsche 911 GT3 and the Polaris RMK snowmobile, this piece of footage show sin fact how much fun one can have even way below zero, provided the right gear is at hand. And, of course, the necessary guts for the job.

Anyway, you should know that for such crazy fun, you can visit the Levi Rally Centter in the Finnish region of Lapland. Yes, close to Santa’s house, or so.


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