Triumph Daytona 675 Smashed to Bits, Rider Lands on His Feet – Video

Funny how the owner of this ex-Triumph Daytona 675 describes the day he had recently: “the death of my D675 and birth of my Ninja skills”. However, if you’re somehow tempted to believe that the chap ditched his Triumph in favor of a Kawasaki Ninja, you’re wrong: we’re talking about proper ninja skills, as the fellow manages to land on his feet after being impacted fairly violently by a driver running the red.
Helmet cam shows proof against this VW driver 1 photo
Photo: Youtube capture
Everything was recorded by the rider’s helmet cam, as the chap was smart enough to turn it on before he set out in the traffic. Even more, according to his own account the whole accident was also recorded by the dash camera of a taxi, a piece of real-world action footage which we are so anxious to see, because we hope that the new filming angle will show the rider’s involuntary stunt in an even cooler manner.

It’s always riders who come off worst in such encounters

The footage from the helmet cam clearly shows that the Golf driver entered the intersection on the red color, some 2 seconds after the bike had been given green. We’d almost say we’re sorry because his driving license is now most likely toast, and his bank account or insurance funds are about to receive a massive blow, at least as strong as the one which mauled the Triumph.

Luckily, the rider had just enough time to move his left leg and avoid having it crushed between the Golf and the bike. With a spontaneous jiu-jitsu roll on the car’s hood and windscreen, the rider managed to land back on his feet in the middle of the street. He makes it to the sidewalk limping a bit as his left leg was hit after all.

It’s been more than once or twice when we saw such crashes projecting the bike into passers-by and injuring them, but this time, the pedestrians were lucky to see the Triumph missing them. The smashed Daytona landed on the sidewalk and the owner, who in the end made it with bumps and bruises, says it’s sort of totaled.

Whether he will choose a Ninja as his next bike after he is compensated is yet to be found out. What’s certain anyway, is the fact that the VW Golf driver will surely regret his move dearly.

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