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Trek Unleashes Unimaginable Works of Art With Fresh Project One Paint Jobs
Bicycle manufacturer Trek has always been one of those teams to do things a bit differently. Recently, this crew unveiled what could be considered works of friggin art.

Trek Unleashes Unimaginable Works of Art With Fresh Project One Paint Jobs

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While Trek is normally focused on producing bicycles that are meant to bring home medal after medal, one sector of the company focuses on nothing more than just paint jobs.

Trek recently unveiled a series of frame color schemes for its most iconic bikes. From the Emonda SLR to Domane SLR road bikes, to the Supercaliber and Slash 9.9 MTBs, not to mention the Domane+ e-bikes, Trek is now offering paint jobs that look like they belong in a museum.

The venture has been dubbed Project One and under it, two collections have been revealed. The first of the two collections is known as First Light, while the second is known as the Icon collection. Each one of these collections exposes their respective bikes in beautifully crafted paint schemes that are sure to attract the eyes of people that don’t even have anything to do with cycling.

First Light Collection

For this collection, Trek seems to have created a “rising sun” effect for the three bikes that can receive this hand-painted treatment. “Rising” from shades of red and the bottom of the frame, on up through orange, yellow, pinks, and finally blues at the top tube and seat post, this color scheme ends up looking like a morning sky.

If you’ve fallen in love with the colors and shades, know that it can only be chosen for the Madone SLR, Emonda SLR, and Supercaliber XC bike, vehicles that already come with prices tags well over $10,000. I wonder how much more for this paint job?

Oddly enough, the bikes won’t be coming across with too much of a price lift as the Madone will run you $13,399, the Emonda is at $13,699, and the Supercaliber with only $12,199. Pretty dang good for a one-of-a-kind bike.

Icon Collection

Here, Trek broke away from the rigid color framework of the First Light collection and introduced five seemingly chaotic, yet appealing color schemes that end up costing more than the First Light variation. After all, just look at the five schemes: Chroma, Seafoam, Psychedelic Marble, Sweet Gold Leaf, and Amplified Alchemy.

  • Chroma is a color scheme that features a reflective finish to offer a mirror-like feel to the frame. Available in Chroma Red and Chroma Blue, this selection will be available only on your freshly ordered Madone SLR or Emonda SLR.

  • Seafoam is meant to bring the feel of riding coastlines on a summer day. With splattered shades of blues and greens, there may be no better way to capture the relentless crashing of the ocean against a shoreline. With this color scheme, Emonda, Madone, and Domane are all suitable bikes. But, Trek also includes this option on the Domane+ LT and Domane+ HP e-bikes.

  • Psychedelic Marble is one of those schemes for lovers of as much color as possible. From metallic shades of white to green to turquoise to purple and even black, all have a place on the frames of the Emonda, Madone, Domane, and Domane e-bikes.

  • The paint job that Trek seems to have known may be wished for by riders, is the Sweet Gold Leaf scheme. Here, a metallic black and grey base is brought to light with gold specks and lettering that looks like you’re riding your very own part of the universe. All five previous bikes I mentioned are available in this tone, but Trek also extended the range to cover the Fuel EX 9.9, Slash 9.9, and Slash 9.8.

  • Amplified Alchemy is a twist on Trek’s famous shifting blue and purple color setup. Metallic purple and blues shades are offset with “twilight blacks” that seem to shift to gold when light hits the frame just right. Absolutely marvelous! All previously mentioned bikes are available with this scheme except the e-bikes.
This collection is a bit different from the First Light as it will put an extra $2,000- $3,000 on your already existing bicycle price tag. However, isn’t it worth it!?

I have but one question for you. If you weren’t much into cycling before this article, how do you feel about it now?

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