Trek Unleashes 2023 Farley 9.6 Fat Tire Bike: All-Season Carbon Goodness on a Rampage

Winter is almost here, and that means a restriction on the activities we’ve indulged in over the summer. But it’s not all lost, especially for cyclists. In this spirit, we’ll be exploring the 2023 snow-ready Farley 9.6 bike.
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Photo: Trek Bicycle Corporation
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Folks, winter doesn’t mean that you must stop enjoying outdoor exploration. In fact, plenty of manufacturers offer an array of bicycles to adventure well into the winter months, coming out of the other end as ready as ever for the new riding season. But where to start?

One manufacturer that’s always had a grip on the cycling industry is Trek Bicycles. Considering this crew has been around since 1975 and has even shaped this industry in the process, it’s no wonder that I come back to their machines time and time again, and the Farley 9.6 is one of those two-wheelers that’s ready to dominate the winter season.

Now, we’re looking at nothing more than a tuned machine designed to handle everything that the winter season can throw at you. Well, almost; I don’t see ice as being a surface you can ride on, but come to think of it, you can easily purchase tires with studs built-in and ride even on ice. The 4.5-inch cross-section tires are sure to be a source of grip through your snowy terrains.

2023 Farley 9\.6
Photo: Trek Bicycle Corporation
However, tires are just a part of this story. Another aspect we need to consider when exploring the 9.6 is the frame. What Trek seems to have done differently this year is build the Farley out of carbon fiber. Yes, that sweet and luscious frame is all carbon, baby. After all, it’s the reason you see no welds on the bugger. Once the following gear and components are added, you’re looking at a bike weighing no more than 28.9 lbs (13.1 kg).

But this sort of frame isn’t just for show; that carbon is designed to reduce vibrations and take up hits that the tires couldn’t handle themselves. Considering the 9.6 features no other source of suspension, the layup is an essential aspect. Best of all, Trek made sure you could cover a variety of terrains by readying the frame for a dropper post.

But the question remains, why is Trek asking you to dish out $3,700 (€3,800 at current exchange rates) for this bugger. Well, part of the story is the frame, but beyond that, the 2023 Farley is also topped off with a Sram drivetrain, and honestly, it’s where some of your money is going. GX Eagle shifters control a GX derailleur that moves a GX chain on an XG-1275 cassette with 10-52T. Simplicity is also part of the game with a 12X setup.

2023 Farley 9\.6 Drivetrain
Photo: Trek Bicycle Corporation
And no, that’s not the end of this story. If you’ve been keeping up with the sort of bicycles that this manufacturer unleashes onto the world, you know what to expect from the Farley lineup. Simply put, Farley machines are designed to achieve a tad more than just carry you around town; they can be transformed into downright adventure monstrosities.

To achieve this, the 9.6 is decked out with more mounts than I could count, and the end result is a machine that can handle everything from fenders to front and rear cargo racks and more bags on the handlebar, seat post, and the front triangle. In short, there isn’t much you can’t do to one of these two-wheelers.

Just imagine your winters now. While everyone else is in their homes, looking out their windows, remembering their summer journeys, you’re out and about, riding along and hearing the snow crunch underneath your carbon fiber two-wheeler. The destination? Considering that you have all the cargo options mounted to your 9.6, wherever the heck you want, as long as you can brave the cold. Sounds like a trinket to consider if you’re looking to extend your riding season.
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