Trek's 2023 Allant+ 8S "Monstrosities" Are Primed and Ready To Replace Your Car, Sometimes

Let's face it, one of the cycling teams that we should consider whenever looking for a bicycle is Trek. Yes, the same that you've seen carrying athletes across finish lines. This time around, Trek is looking to make you feel like a gold medalist with the 2023 Allant+ 8S, a pair of electrified urban monstrosities.
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Photo: Trek Bicycle Corporation
2023 Allant+ 8S Stagger (Matte Metallic Gunmetal)2023 Allant+ 8S (Matte Metallic Gunmetal)2023 Allant+ 8S2023 Allant+ 8S2023 Allant+ 8S2023 Allant+ 8S2023 Allant+ 8S2023 Allant+ 8S2023 Allant+ 8S (Lithium Grey)2023 Allant+ 8S Stagger2023 Allant+ 8S Stagger2023 Allant+ 8S Stagger2023 Allant+ 8S Controller2023 Allant+ 8S Stagger (Lithium Grey)
Yes, monstrosities; it's a good word to describe the 2023 version of the Allant+ 8S e-bikes that Trek released. Even the price can be considered gargantuan, set at $4,450 (€4,450 at current exchange rates) for a fresh trinket, and that's straight from the supplier; dealerships will surely add a bit more.

So, why the heck should you ever consider spending this much cash on a bike? Well, several reasons, and a big one is that industry leaders are actually creating bicycles that can replace your car right now. Sure, not in all of its entirety, but then again, with a strong motor, solid brakes, and the ability to add a cargo trailer to the rear, you could easily take your kids to school, carry countless grocery bags, and even head to work. Riding to work is not your thing? Why not take this bugger bikepacking on weekends.

Now, you may be doubting that there's a group of people sitting around a table, making plans on how to transform the e-bike into your next EV, but that's precisely what's happening (sorry to feed your paranoia). One crew that has a solid say in the e-bike world is Bosch, and yes, they are involved in powering the Allant. Oh, just a little side note, an interview between autoevolution and Bosch revealed that they're one of the crews involved in those round-table talks.

2023 Allant\+ 8S
Photo: Trek Bicycle Corporation
For the Allant and Stagger option, Trek has chosen to use a Bosch Performance Speed motor, mounted to the center of the bike and able to crank out a solid 85 Nm (62.5 ft-lb) of torque. Best of all, Trek limits the 2023 version to 28 mph (45 kph). I guess they've been listening to customer feedback, as speed is one of the first things I look for in an e-bike.

Considering that this is a rather hungry motor, there is a need for a large battery pack too, and the Allant is loaded with PowerTube 625 with, you guessed it, 625-watt hours of juice. What does this mean in terms of range? That's a tad difficult to figure out as an array of components affect this number, but I feel it's safe to say that you can achieve at least 50 miles (81 kilometers) of range with this setup and a 56.4-pound (25.6-kilogram ) two-wheeler. Using a range calculator on Bosch's website, this setup can achieve a peak of 87 miles (140 kilometers), depending on a flurry of factors. Yet, the story doesn't end there; these buggers can accommodate a range extender with up to 500 watt-hours of extra juice.

2023 Allant\+ 8S
Photo: Trek Bicycle Corporation
Why would you ever consider grabbing the extender? Imagine that you're the sort of cyclist that doesn't just use your bicycle for getting to work or taking the kids to school, but come Saturday morning, you're spotted on the outskirts of the city, riding to the place only you and your loved ones know about. Your plans even include an overnight stay; optional cargo racks are available.

With a few finishing touches like fenders, a kickstand, Shimano Deore drivetrain, and mainly Bontrager components, the 2023 Allant+ 8S are complete. Sure, there's a tad more to it than that, but ultimately, you shouldn't be using an article to gauge how this bike feels; you need to take a test drive. So, hunt one down at a dealership, take it out for a spin - make it a long one – and then take a decision. Just remember, you'll be paying for an EV that can ultimately replace your car for some urban activities.
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Editor's note: Images in the gallery include the Allant+ 8S Stagger too.

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