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Trek's 2022 FX Sport 6 Is Jam-Packed With R&D To Create a Versatile Low-Budget Carbon Bike
What makes a good bicycle? Well, the answer really all depends on who you ask. But, if you ask the crew over at Trek, one answer you'll get is the new 2022 FX Sport 6 fitness bike, an all-road wonder built out of carbon fiber with a price tag that may be hard to believe: $2,600.

Trek's 2022 FX Sport 6 Is Jam-Packed With R&D To Create a Versatile Low-Budget Carbon Bike

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Yes, folks, that's all that Trek is asking you to dish out for their newest top-of-its-family FX Sport 6. Simply put, it's the sort of bicycle that's meant to achieve just about anything you throw at it. For example, you can use it to go to work, grab groceries, take a Sunday cruise or ride it until your legs hurt and you can't walk straight.

To start things off, every bicycle is designed for a particular purpose, and judging by the frame design, the lack of suspension, and tire width, you know right from the start that the 6 is designed for nothing other than roads. Be they asphalt or gravel, it's the sort of bike that feels best with both wheels planted on the ground at all times.

Overall, Trek builds each frame with 400 Series OCLV carbon fiber, and they use this same stuff for all other carbon bikes from the 2022 FX Sport line. The fork, too, is built from the same stuff, and while there are no suspension components on the bike, the carbon layup is sure to reduce vibrations experienced by the rider.

As I was combing the manufacturer's website, I noticed that the riders in the images are sitting rather in the bike's center. This results from a revised geometry for the line, which brings a 74-degree seat tube angle, and 71 degrees for the head tube for the medium-size bike. A reach of 39.3 cm (15.4 in) and a stand over of 78.7 cm (31 in) should give you a decent idea of what to expect. But nothing beats a test ride, so head down to an authorized dealership.

Now, as you would expect of most bikes within this price range, the 6 is equipped with a drivetrain from Shimano, and frankly, that's not a problem as a GRX setup is supported by an SLX M7000 cassette with 11-42T. It's also tuned to the sounds of an 11-speed drivetrain. The remaining components are mainly from Bontrager, Trek's sister brand.

However, the only feature of this new machine that I feel is most important is its ability to be transformed into a bicycle that can do it all. And when I say all, I'm referring to going above and beyond just regular ol' cruising around town. I'm talking about waking up in the morning, grabbing a bite to eat, and heading out to the garage.

It's here that you'll be able to lock eyes with your carbon beauty, this time around, packed to the teeth with bags, racks, fenders, and anything else you may need or want on the bike-packing adventure you're looking to tackle for the next few days. It can do all of that. At the end of the day, why not drop a fork with a suspension to the front of this baby and really go further. Make sure you grab a different pair of rubbers. As standard, this trinket weighs 20.88 lbs (9.47 kg) and is DuoTrap S compatible, allowing you to track routes, performance, and even set fitness goals.

About the minds behind this machine, what is there to say? After all, if you turn on your TV to a cycling channel, you'll probably see a Trek. If you walk through the park, a Trek will ride past you at some point. Heck, with a history dating back to 1975, it's really no wonder.

Honestly, you would be treating yourself to a carbon fiber bicycle, designed to do a bit more than just your average machine, and, as a big bonus, it falls in with a price of $2,600 (€2,460 at current exchange rates). You should spend the rest up to $3,000 on those racks, fenders, and a helmet. Good to go, if you ask me.

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