2022 Roscoe 7 (Teal/Trek Black)
Sometimes a bike appears on the market that happens to ask for our attention. Such is the case with the 2022 Roscoe 7 hardtail MTB from Trek.

Trek Hits the New Year Hard With 2022 Roscoe 7 Hardtail MTB for Under $2K

2022 Roscoe 7 (Matte Trek Black)2022 Roscoe 7 (Matte Trek Black)2022 Roscoe 7 (Miami Green/Trek Black)2022 Roscoe 7 (Miami Green/Trek Black)2022 Roscoe 7 (Teal/Trek Black)2022 Roscoe 7 Brakes2022 Roscoe 7 Cockpit2022 Roscoe 7 Fork2022 Roscoe 7 Seat and Dropper Post2022 Roscoe 7 (Teal/Trek Black)2022 Roscoe 72022 Roscoe 7 Cassette2022 Roscoe 7 (Teal/Trek Black)2022 Roscoe 7 (Teal/Trek Black)
Folks, the wonder before you is known as the 2022 Roscoe 7 MTB. And while this puppy rocks a solid frame geometry and able components, it sails in with a price tag under 2,000 USD, 1,729 USD (1,507 EUR at current exchange rates) to be exact. Time to see what sort of MTB experience Trek has for the new year.

About Trek, there really isn't much to say. This crew has been at the top of the cycling game for decades, time in which they established a name for themselves. Their machines can now be seen in every major cycling event on the planet.

As for the Roscoe 7, it can very well be the next solid 27.5 in or 29 in wheel MTB that you should look at for your next purchase. Why? Well, aside from an affordable asking price, 7 is also equipped with enough goodies to help boost the pleasure of your future rides.

2022 Roscoe 7 \(Matte Trek Black\)
One feature you should enjoy is the way the top tube is dropped nice and low near the seat tube, allowing for massive clearance on drops and downhill rides. Then there's the down tube with the curvature at its base to help in case you hit a root or rock. Downtube protection is also there in case of this event.

To top it all off, Trek is using their Alpha Gold Aluminum and routes all lines internally. Best of all, to give riders more control and an edge while on the 7, Trek also equipped this puppy with a TranzX JD-YSP18 dropper post. What more could you want?

Now, hardtails like these rely heavily on two features for suspension. The first is tires, and the second, a front fork. For the 7, Trek is using a RockShox Recon Silver RL fork with 140 mm (5.5 in) of travel. More than enough to take care of any light drops and root systems you may encounter. A 37 mm (1.45 in) offset and 65-degree head tube angle lengthens your trail to 13.1 cm (5.16 in) max. As for tires, a pair of in-house Bontrager XR4 Team Issue tires will be handling grip and vibration reduction. Depending on the bike's size, you'll be sporting 27.5 in tires or 29 in.

2022 Roscoe 7 \(Miami Green/Trek Black\)
As for the drivetrain for this sucker, Trek equips the 7 with nothing more than Shimano Deore. I know, I know, what the heck is Deore doing on this bike? Well, as low-budget as this drivetrain is usually considered, Trek still gave it a tad of attention by throwing on a 12-speed cassette with 10-51T; pretty decent range for a bike under 2,000 USD. Let's be frank, if you don't like the Deore, just put in a few hundred bucks more and equip your 7 with a drivetrain of your choice. Braking is covered by Shimano too and features MT200 with RT10 rotors with 180 mm (7.08 in) diameter.

Overall, with the aluminum frame, Deore setup, dropper post, wheels, and all that jazz, the new Roscoe 7 comes in with a weight of 30.84 lbs (14 kg). Not bad, considering it should handle single tracks like a champ. Something to think about for your Christmas wish list.

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