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Trek Commercial Welcomes Newest German E-MTB Motor Manufacturer: Seriously Innocent Fun
Trek recently unveiled a lineup of e-MTBs that have broken away from their favorite e-system manufacturer, Bosch, and now welcomes TQ (Technologie in Qualität) to the mountain-taming game. This fun commercial shows you what to expect.

Trek Commercial Welcomes Newest German E-MTB Motor Manufacturer: Seriously Innocent Fun

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Folks, a recent change within the Trek Bicycle family has brought a major shift for the famed manufacturer; they've ditched Bosch as the e-system manufacturer and adopted TQ's magical Harmonic Pin Ring system. Considering it works similarly to a rotary motor, you can understand why this shift. Well, the new lineup has been welcomed by this somewhat twisted take (the video below) on what your biking experience will be like with TQ's HPR50 motor.

Everything begins with us witnessing a gentleman in yellow talking about how he's considered "the new kid on the block." At this point, I asked myself if this guy was some rising MTB star that I hadn't heard of yet. Well, he kind of is, but not as a cyclist; this cat is the personification of PG's motor, expressed as a human being. This makes sense around second number 15 of the video as "Ian" smilingly states that he loves "being a riding assistant."

And then things seem to start getting a tad weird. Sure, we witness Ian taking some deep breaths, grounding himself, and readying his abilities, and soon enough, we are shown the level of assistance that these motors offer; Ian places his hands on the rider's back and starts to push around the local woods. Yes, in the same way that some of us used to help our buddies when we were kids. But what I enjoyed the most was this actor's (Ian) ability to portray such an innocent and wholesome character (the motor).

As the video continues, Ian tells us how this feels like his life's calling, how he "never gets sick of it," and that all he really likes is "being out there with my rider." and those are just the first 30 seconds of a three-minute video. We then witness Ian running downhill after his rider, keeping up in the process, but once the uphill portion of the ride begins, Ian whispers to his rider's ear, "You got this, buddy." and starts to push, doing what a motor is meant to do, assist.

Considering that this video isn't just about the TQ motor, part of it also showcases some of the modifications made to the new lineup. It's here that we now see Ian talking about how he's able to ride for so long. We're shown a few scenes where we see Ian recharging, simply portrayed by him sitting around and meditating, and this scene is the perfect setup for what follows.

His secret is to recharge before a ride, but once drained, the EXe can be equipped with the range extender that Trek has integrated into the Fuel's abilities. This action is portrayed by Ian and his rider taking a break on a log in the woods while the extender is mounted to the frame. Ian takes a sip of his electrolyte concoction, and a refreshed smile creeps back onto his face. Back to the trails from there. Once the day is done, we're taken on a journey of what you should do with an e-MTB after a ride, cleaning, from Ian's perspective. And so, we witness an EXe flipped upside down in a driveway, getting hosed down, with Ian taking a clothed shower from a garden hose.

But what is Trek trying to convey with this commercial? Well, it's simple, really, the basis for TQ's motor and all that it brings to the table. What's that precisely? To start things off, note that the HPR50 puts out 50 Nm (37 ft-lb) of torque, portrayed by Ian pushing his rider around, and as you watched the video, you may have noticed a large emphasis on this motor's ability to be a quiet system. Then there's the fact that this powerhouse weighs no more than 1.8 kilograms (4 pounds).

Yes, all of that is portrayed in the video, including this motor's ability to offer assistance for up to 5 hours. Once drained, in up to 2 hours, you can be back on your feet, and these sorts of stats are worthy of a commercial that showcases these abilities in a fun and witty way. All left to do now is find a shop with an EXe and take it out for a spin. Just take the time to explore your options as six new machines are available, priced from $6,500 (€6,550 at current exchange rates) to $14,000 (€14,100).

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