Trek Answers the Call for Versatile Urban Machines With the 2023 Dual Sport+ 2 E-Bikes

With the array of e-bikes that have hit the market in recent years, it's difficult to know where to begin. Well, Trek is one of the crews you need to consider when exploring these electrified two-wheelers, so let's find out what the 2023 Dual Sport+ 2 lineup brings to our lifestyle.
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Photo: Trek Bicycle Corporation
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Ever since 1975, the name Trek Bicycles has been seen on the market, and over the years, they've grown to international acclaim – these days, their machines often carry world-class cyclists across finish lines. But what about the folks like you and me? Don't worry; they've got us covered too, with quite amazing machines.

For example, the Dual Sport+ 2 family is made up of two electrified e-bikes designed to achieve maximum versatility. Best of all, Trek has done the market research and granted us access to these two aluminum steeds for no more than $2,400 (€2,200 at current exchange rates). If you end up paying more, it's because your local dealership has deep pockets, so pay attention to get the best bargain possible.

As for what you're getting your hands on, you've heard me mention versatility, so let's see what that means. Now, the difference between the two bikes is nothing more than that kink in the frame. The Stagger is aimed at even more comfort and safety than that raised top tube, and no, it's not necessarily a matter of opinion; step-through frames are proven for their safety, and my own riding experience agrees with that. You just need to get past the fact that you may feel like riding G-ma's two-wheeler.

But grandma should have very little business on a Sport+ 2, well, partially. One thing Trek has done with this one is produce a machine suitable not only for city use, but also for taking those slightly longer journeys to the edges of town. Once you get to where the tarmac ends, not a problem either; while the lack of a suspension on the bike means your ride would typically be a bit rougher, 50c tires bring enough cross-section to soften your ride even if you're riding some dusty and pebble-ridden paths. Why not throw on your favorite suspension fork and take things a tad further? Just make sure that the motor and frame design can take the stress caused by such a component.

2023 Dual Sport\+ 2
Photo: Trek Bicycle Corporation
Knowing the sort of aluminum frame that Trek put together, one designed to do a tad more than the average bicycle, they threw on a motor and battery to help you with a little extra boost. Overall, a 250-watt motor spits out 40 Nm (29 lb-ft) of torque to help you climb hills, help you ride a tad faster and further, and, best of all, if you need to carry any gear on the cargo racks available, this motor will assist no matter the terrain.

This is also where Trek chose to break away from the traditional motor manufacturer they've been working with for years, Bosch. That's right, Bosch is no longer responsible for the electrified magic Trek incorporates into their machines, and this is happening to all the classes of e-bikes this crew offers, including their e-MTBs; the newest Fuel EXe contains TQ's (Technologie in Qualität) Harmonic Pin Ring drivetrain.

The Sport+ 2 is also equipped with a different e-system manufacturer dubbed Hyena. While the name may instill China, it's a Taiwanese crew bent on efficiency, ease of use, and capability. Something is right if Trek has chosen to work with this crew, and I feel that price may have a lot to do with it.

The Sport+ 2's design and how it incorporates the motor and battery may have been a reason for Trek's interest, too; those down tubes hide a 250-watt-hour battery, enough to assist you for a solid 35 miles (56 kilometers). Sarcasm commencing; Wow! Hey, there had to be a tradeoff to this bike's abilities and price somewhere.

2023 Dual Sport\+ 2 Stagger
Photo: Trek Bicycle Corporation
But not all is lost; 35 miles of inner-city riding is more than enough to have you charging every two days or so, assuming you ride every day. If power delivery is constant while the battery drains, it's a win in my book. Heck, if torque levels drop when you hit 50% charge capacity, it will be harder to carry that cargo, and that's no fun.

Since versatility is the name of the game here, Trek decided to break away from the current trends with one-speed or belted drivetrains and, instead, has called upon the powers of Shimano to bring some speeds to your ride. A Shimano Altus setup shifts a KMC X9 Chain on a 9-speed HG200 cassette with 11-36T. With a pair of hydraulic brakes with 160-millimeter (6.3-inch) rotors and all those other secondary components that make a bike, we're looking at bikes weighing around 38 pounds (17.3 kilograms) for the medium-sized units.

What does all the above mean for riders like you and me? It means a bicycle ready for rough city streets, hilly neighborhoods, occasional adventures on the outskirts of town, and quite possibly, some movement in our lives. After all, many of us lead rather sedentary lives, and e-bikes have been proven to help folks get out more and explore greener pastures. That said, the 2023 Dual Sport+ 2 EVs are two budget-friendly and urban-oriented stallions you can consider for this year.
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Editor's note: Images in the gallery include both version of the 2023 Dual Sport+ 2.

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