Tree Trailer Glamping Habitat Will Have You Sleeping One Step Closer to the Moon

Often, people think that the off-grid lifestyle is to be had only by a select few with just the right bucks for a mobile habitat. But, how do we define the word habitat? Well, it's time to find out.
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Photo: Henry Wein
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Folks, today we'll be looking at a one-person travel trailer that you won't see hooked up behind some car or pickup truck, but rather, the age-old bicycle. What's even more surprising is that the Tree Trailer, as it's been dubbed, gets its name from the ability to hang in a tree and offer a suitable bed for its occupant.

Tree Trailer is the creation of Henry Wein, a student and designer from Eindhoven, Netherlands. While his profile showcases various designs and ideas, some are focused on the bicycle; Tree Trailer is no different.

Now, what you're seeing is rather simple, and in most cases, simplicity seems to be the best option. With this in mind, Henry creates this mobile home out of nothing more than a wooden frame and some plywood to offer resistance in areas where pieces of wood are joined together.

Overall, a base is set with two lateral beams placed to create a funnel-like shape. From here, struts connect the left and right beams to create a frame like those under our mattresses at home. The upper portion of the structure is devised using more wooden struts, this time, to create a body. And that's literally it.

Tree Trailer
Photo: Henry Wein
The rest of the habitat is then closed off and equipped with walls, windows, a mattress, and a fastening system that is suitable for an overnighter with no problems. Starting from the ground up, the first accessory is the mattress, but then, so are some pillows and a blanket.

The walls of Tree Trailer seem to be completed using mostly a sort of plexiglass and even include windows that can be opened and closed. The designer also included blinds to help keep the interior as intimate as possible.

As for the roof, aside from keeping the interior nice and dry in case of any foul weather, with the sliding feature that's in place, you're able to not only see the Moon as you fall asleep but can slide it open to get a little bit more headroom. At the front of Tree Trailer, nothing more than a couple of fabric doors ensure that your sleep goes uninterrupted.

Back outside the temporary home, Henry lines the sides of the trailer with nothing more than what looks like wooden painted planks. At the rear, however, to safely maneuver the towable around town, two small wheels have been set up to keep the trinket from dragging behind you around town.

Tree Trailer
Photo: Henry Wein
Speaking of dragging, and here's where you can see the creator's ingenuity, the trailer hooks up to your bike with nothing more than a clamp-on action that's to take place right on your seat stay. No need to take off a wheel or mess around with your rear hub. Furthermore, the same bar used to connect the trailer to your bike can be used to accommodate a butane burner for a hot cup of coffee in the morning.

Let's say you had a look at the video below and realized you can build your very own Tree Trailer for nothing more than a couple hundred bucks. If you do, don't forget to take a close look at how the support system functions, maybe even devise your own.

As for the sort of reactions you may encounter, the video does a pretty good job of showing how most people are all smiles when they see something like this hanging out of a tree while on their morning jog.

Overall, it's simple, offers an entirely different perspective on off-grid living, and can be built by you in your own garage. What more could you want? This project may just be worthy of a bit of subculture.

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