TRC’s OG Toyota Supra MK IV Makes a Comeback, Emotional Highway Pulls Included

As far as street legends are concerned, one can never go wrong when mixing a specific blend of elements. Take a Toyota Supra, the 2JZ inline six, some black paint to go with the clean interior, around 45 PSI of boost, and then strap on for an incredible ride. This Supra is a clear example that we’re dealing with a timeless combination.
TRC’s OG Toyota Supra MK IV makes a comeback on That Racing Channel 49 photos
Photo: That Racing Channel/YouTube
TRC’s OG Toyota Supra MK IV makes a comeback on That Racing Channel
People that have constantly been checking up That Racing Channel's progress know very well that the YouTube outlet has a special place reserved for all things with a JDM flavor attached to them. From an unassuming 1992 Civic that gaps Mustangs to a custom RX-7 that puts its rotary power to good use against V10 supercars, they’ve probably filmed them all.

It’s not that TRC doesn’t cater to the domestic side of things; they do, whether it’s an 1,400-hp Trackhawk, a beat-down F-100 that lays down ghost burnouts, or 3,200-hp Dodge Vipers (among many others). But they probably still remember the days when Javier Trias was making internet history in his black, customized Supra Mk IV.

Actually, they probably missed it so much that a Texas encounter was arranged for Tyler (the video’s host) to meet up with the new owner of the OG That Racing Channel Supra. Naturally, a short presentation is always in order (from the 2:10 mark), as we find out that Will and Rachel took over the fun Supra some eight months ago from a good friend that knew Javier personally.

By the looks of it, they spent the time taking good care of the iconic Toyota as the Supra looks just as good as back in the days when it made a name for itself racing just about everything. That includes Ferraris, Lambos, and 1,000-hp Corvettes (check out some of the battles from the 2:55 mark).

No feature would ever be complete without a look under the hood, where the modified 2JZ that currently runs at around 40-44 PSI of boost looks absolutely amazing. According to the owner, it probably makes around 1,200 hp as “these cars are as much fun as humanly possible with a very simple, proven combo.

After the startup and revs (at the 5:15 mark), it’s time to have a look at the interior as Tyler prepared for the most emotional part of the journey—a drive along (from the 6:10 mark) where everything becomes a neat dance of highway pulls, more information, and neat footage.

As far as we can tell from the owner’s explanations, about the only improvement that’s been done recently is an upgrade to a newer suspension setting. Otherwise, the Supra is a real “time capsule” from the TRC days of some six years ago.

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