Transverse Automated Parking Coming to BMW 2, 3 and 4 Series Models This Autumn

BMW is, unfortunately, playing catch up in the field of automated parking systems. While it may seem like a big deal at first, from experience we can tell you that it’s really not. Sure, having this kind of tech on board does seem like a great option but in real-life, they rarely work as they should from the first try.
BMW side sensors 1 photo
Photo: bmw
We had the chance to test both parallel and transverse parking systems before and they usually have a success rate of around 50%. That’s not great considering that they are supposed to get you out of a sticky situation fast, especially in the crowded cities we live in.

However, no matter how faulty they might be, if you really can’t park, they will come in handy. You may keep people waiting for a couple of minutes, but at least you’ll get to park your car and go about your business afterwards.

As I said, BMW is playing catch-up at this point, but they are making up for the lost ground in a speedy fashion. The manufacturer just announced that its 2 Series, 3 Series, and 4 Series models will get new parking assistants this autumn.

Starting with November, the optional Parking Assistant feature will be available on these models. They will be assisting you with the choice and use of parking spaces situated either parallel or transverse to the carriageway.

This implies adding two additional sensors to the side of the car that will make sure you don’t dent your doors while transversely parking. They will work just like any other parking sensors, warning the driver both acoustically and visually when approaching an obstacle.

It all sounds great, but the pricing strategy will play a key role here too. Some manufacturers offer such tech at very low prices or even for free and for BMW to make it popular among its own customers, they will have to follow suit. It’s all down to crunching numbers anyhow.
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