Transformers: The Last Knight Bumblebee Is Based On 2016 Chevrolet Camaro

From the so-called Generation 1 of 1984 – 1993 to the live-action movies of Michael Bay, the Transformers universe is one of the most fascinating media franchises of all time. For the fifth live-action movie, Bumblebee will come in the form of a sixth-generation Chevrolet Camaro with unique styling.
Bumblebee Camaro from Transformers: The Last Knigh 1 photo
Production for the live-action movie is underway and the finished product is due to hit theaters on June 23, 2017. All we know about the full-length flick at this moment in time is that Sir Anthony Hopkins will make an appearance, Mark Wahlberg will reprise his role, Megatron will return, Optimus Prime has the face of an Autobot on a mission, and Bumblebee’s vehicle form is more badass than ever.

“Bee is back! General Motors really got it done with this custom-built 2016 Camaro,” are all the hints we get from the director of the movie. The most aggressive-looking Bumblebee there’s ever been in the Transformers universe wears Autobot badges on the front fenders, right under a pair of black gills.

The massive side skirts were also sprinkled with customization fairy dust by General Motors, as were the front fascia, lip spoiler, hood, LED daytime running lights, and the huge rear wing. Even though we don’t get a clear view of the rear bumper, something custom is going on there as well. The wheels, on the other hand, appear to be HRE Performance Wheels RB2s. The five-spoke design fits the sixth-gen Camaro like a glove.

A lot of questions regarding Transformers: The Last Knight are still left without an answer, but in the meantime, we’re happy that Bumblebee looks as if it's ready to roundhouse kick some Decepticon ass.


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