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Transform Your Dirt Bike and Winter Season With the ARO 3 Snow Bike Conversion Kit
It looks like a snowmobile but isn't. It looks like a motocross bike, but it isn't. So what the heck is it? Nothing more than a Timbersled.

Transform Your Dirt Bike and Winter Season With the ARO 3 Snow Bike Conversion Kit

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Folks, if you're aware of Polaris and the lineup they offer, you may have heard of Timbersled. If you haven't, this wintersports conversion systems manufacturer has been around since 2002, when the first prototype was created by Allen and Natasha Mangum.

Fast-forward to 2008, and this crew hit the market with their first able-to-own machines, and in 2015, Timbersled caught the attention of Polaris and joined their well-established family. Today, they offer a wide range of conversion kits made to conquer snow-capped peaks and your favorite trails.

First of all, let's see what the heck Timbersleds are and how they function. As simple as I can put it, this conversion kit takes just about any dirt bike on the market and transforms it into a winter-ready machine with similar dynamics. That last bit is pivotal to the success of this system. You can own a 250 cc bike and up; it kind of doesn't matter. After all, this crew put in nearly a decade of development to make this system as good as it can be.

All that brings us to the kit before you today, called Aro 3, and while Timbersled offers seven different models, the Aro 3 seems to bring some of the freshest innovations this crew has been developing. As for this system, it comes in with a starting price of 7,000 USD (6,180 EUR at current exchange rates), minus a dollar.

For this sort of cash, you'll be getting a bolt-on construction with pre-bled brakes, a tri-keel traverse ski that yields easy-to-control leaning angles, and that rocking rear track setup. Since the ski is rather self-explanatory, I'll stick to the rear construction, where most of the magic happens.

Everything is set up on an aluminum frame with extruded rails, providing a strong, stiff, and light base for the remaining components. One of the most essential features of this rear construction is the suspension system.

Timbersled equips the Aro 3 with nothing more than FOX Racing QS3 shocks to ensure your ride is easily controlled and offers optimum dependability. With three-click compression adjustment, you can make quick and effortless on-the-fly adjustments. Depending on the trim package you choose, the QS3 shocks are upgraded to IBP (Internal Bypass) QS3. The trim package will also affect your seat height, so do the research to find the system tuned for your needs.

Finally, we have the track. Overall, the base track for the Aro 3 is 11.5 in (29.2 cm) wide, 129 in (327.7 in) long, and features 3 in (7.62 cm) of profile length, an "industry's first," they call it. One thing's for sure, 3 in are more than enough for you to take your dirt bike, sorry, snow bike, out through deep snow and powder.

To say that this is the end of your Timbersled experience is erroneous. In truth, like most other vehicles to come out from under the Polaris umbrella, the Aro 3 is just as customizable. With the right cash, you can change skis, suspensions, tracks, even buy covers or trailers for your Timbersled. Just make sure to bring the extra bucks.

Now, the only proper way to get a feel for one of these puppies is to head down to a local dealership and see what the fuss is all about. But, be warned, bring your checkbook because you may be leaving the place with a new conversion kit to get you riding all year.


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