Trans-Canada Highway is the Greenest in the World - 1,000 Charging Points by 2013

The Trans-Canada Highway runs from Victoria, in British Columbia, to St. John’s in Newfoundland, and it connects Canada’s two coasts - its main route spans an impressive 8,030 km (4,990 miles). Now, according to, you can now travel from one side of the country to the other, along the aforementioned highway, in an EV, and there are now enough charging points to allow you to do so without fears of running out of juice, miles from anywhere.
Trans-Canada Highway 1 photo
We’ve installed charging stations from coast-to-coast and are allowing people with electric vehicles to now travel from sea to sea across the longest, greenest highway in the world, which is the Trans-Canada Highway, emission free and free of charge,” said one official, Kent Rathwell, who is also doing a tour of the highway, in his Tesla Roadster - further details will be announced once it ends.

The exact numer of charging points will be announced once the EV tour ends, but Rathwell says that he hopes there will be 1,000 charging stations along the highway, by 2013, so they can`t be very far off that mark, as it would be very difficult to build, say, 990 units in just one year.


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