Train Smashes Dirtbike Stranded On The Tracks, Rider Barely Escapes

If you’re an Internet lurker, you might have seen all the famous car-stuck-on-tracks-hit-by-train videos. Well, here’s one with a motorcycle that gets crushes in the same way.
Train smashes motocross bike 8 photos
Photo: screenshot from YouTube
Train smashes motocross bikeTrain smashes motocross bikeTrain smashes motocross bikeTrain smashes motocross bikeTrain smashes motocross bikeTrain smashes motocross bikeTrain smashes motocross bike
The video comes from V/Line, Australia’s largest regional public transport operator, and the scene has been captured by one of its train’s on-board cameras. By looking at the events unfolding here, you can really say that rider was struck by bad-luck that day.

I mean, it is easy to understand how cars usually end up getting hit by trains. Drivers forcing the barriers and getting caught in between, engine dying at the wrong time and place or something similar. But how do you get a highly maneuverable dirt bike trapped on the tracks?

The video’s description isn’t saying anything about the incident apart from the fact that the rider managed to save himself at the last moment and that the incident happened on the Ballarat line near Melbourne.

At this point, we can only imagine on what really happened there. The unlucky rider was not alone as three more riders on similar bikes were nearby on the left side of the track.

Just ahead of them, the rail line was crossing a swamp, and that’s probably the reason they were gathered there; to use the path and get on the other side. Now, since the train came from around a left turn to the bridge area, I can assume the first rider had no idea it was coming and decided to get on the bridge.

Bad luck struck, the train appeared round the corner blasting its horn, the rider most probably got scared or tried to do a U-turn and go back, so he stumbled in the tracks, lost balance and fell.

Luckily he managed to get away before the train hit the motorcycle. So remember guys, it doesn’t matter if you have a small and nimble bike, don’t play around train tracks and take extra care when crossing them.

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