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Tractor Trailer Hauling Pig Intestines Spills Load, Closes 3 Lanes on Highway

In some parts of the U.S., it’s raining money on the highway. Earlier this week, in Kansas City, Missouri, the weather forecast was cloudy with a chance of guts. Pig guts, to be more specific.
Semi spills load of pig guts, shuts down 3 lanes on highway 5 photos
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At least the Missouri Department of Transportation didn’t lose a healthy sense of humor when faced with the mess, as this Twitter thread proves. It details an incident where a tractor trailer accidentally dropped its load and closed 3 lanes on I-670.

The semi was hauling pig intestines, so imagine the mess. According to the MoDOT, it took a snow plow, plenty of soap and water, and many working hours to remove the guts off the road and open it to traffic again.

During all this time, MoDOT kept posting updates. They are the proverbial silver lining to a pig guts-shaped cloud.

“At least 3 lanes are closed - WB I-670 past 71 Hwy near downtown after a semi lost its load. FYI: The load happens to be pig intestines,” the first message read.

Then, work started on clearing the road. This meant using a Bobcat to gather and dispose of the intestines.

“Crews estimate it could be NOON before all lanes are back open. Please find an alternate snout. Sorry, alternate route,” MoDOT continues, breaking out the puns.

“Our crews and @KCMOFireDept going hog wild washing down the roadway.... sorry,” another update read. And then, finally: “All lanes of WB I-670 past 71 Hwy near downtown #KC are now back open. Thanks for your patience during all of the pig drama. Be safe. That's all folks!!!”

As one commenter puts it in what is warm praise for MoDOT, “This pun took guts.”

So far, no word yet on what happened to cause the spill or whether the driver is facing any consequences for the mess he made, both on the road and in terms of traffic blockage.


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