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Toyota’s Website Hacked Again

Looks like Toyota has to deal again with haters that try to damage the Japanese automaker’s success.
Server Room 1 photo
Last year, a fired IT worker at Toyota hacked a hole night into the automaker’s internal computers, downloading and sabotaging their data, before he was discovered and had to face legal penalties.

Now, Toyota’s main corporate website in Japan has been hacked by unknown attackers which changed some data on the page and redirected users to infected websites. The highjacking occurred between 5th to 14th of June, after which Toyota discovered the problem and unplugged the website.

However, the company said that no sensitive data was stolen this time. Users who accessed the unclean websites to which they were redirected, may have caught malware. Still, it shouldn’t be a problem, as modern antivirus programs should detect and clean users’ computers.

Story via The Truth About Cars


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