Toyota Titans: Our New Blog Is Going Places!

Three months ago almost to the day, we announced the introduction of a brand new chapter in autoevolution's… evolution. The BMW Power Blog came onto the scene and quickly changed the name of the game. No longer bound by the constraints of old-fashioned auto journalism, we quickly found new subjects that for fan(atics) of the Bavarian carmaker, ranging from tips on how to clean and maintain an old 3 Series to showcasing amazing privately owned Bimmers.
You guys wanted more, and so today we bring you something big, something that covers the whole globe from the Arctic Circle to the deserts of Namibia and the jungles of South America, something to hell and back and expect it to ask for seconds. Can you guess what it is?

Yep, we've now got our very own Toyota blog we've lovingly called "Toyota Titans". But why? We could easily find a company with a more snobbish badge that makes even faster cars for richer people. Drinking fine champagne with Lamborghini owners would have been fun, but that's now what we're about!

I don't care if you're from a place I could never spell, I bet you know there's somebody in your family who own a Toyota, that you've at least once turned your head as a Supra went buy when you were younger. This Japanese carmaker didn't invent the wheel, but they found thousands of ways to make the wheel a standard shape, strength, width, weight and color. They survived recalls, recessions, racism, oil shortages… you name it.

Not only did this company stay on top of the game, but it also moved the game on. They are the pioneers of hybrid engine technology, launching the first Prius in Japan back in 1997, in a time when computers had floppy disks. But even before that, they showed outside-the-box thinking on a grand scale, launching a the luxury car brand Lexus seemingly out of nowhere. What started as a way to sell one sedan model in America evolved into a brand that challenges Germany's best a daily basis.

Right! Now that I've explained why Toyota deserves to have its own corner of the autoevolution universe, let's see what what makes our blog tick. Just like BMW Power, it has four sections where our stories will go and a "Photos & Videos" zone for all the hot new megapixels from both Toyota and Lexus.

The foundation of our blog is the Toyota News section, where we'll give you the latest info about everything that's going on, from Toyota City in Japan to a Goodwood Festival of Speed or the Nurburgring track.

Toyota and tuning still go hand in hand, though our dedicated section will show more than boy racers' toys. Since the Big T's cars are sold in large numbers all over the world, some of them are going to break down, need regular maintenance or upgrades to more modern tech. This is what our Tips & Upgrades section is for, and you should use it to its fullest.

Last but not least, the Test Drive zone will provide you with the latest car review, so you know when it's the perfect time to upgrade from a Camry to a Lexus or why the Prius makes so much more sense than it used to 10 years ago.
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