Toyota Supra Takes on a Mazda RX7

This is indeed a battle between titans, two mechanical beasts that love to rev their gasoline-guzzling engines beyond normal car's redlines.
Toyota Supra versus Mazda RX7 1 photo
Photo: screenshot from Youtube
In the left lane, we have the mighty Toyota Supra, with its highly tunable 2JZ six-cylinder engine, known for destroying supercar owners’ pride on the road.

On the right lane, we have another revs per minute demigod – the Mazda RX7, with its modular rotating engine that can put out hundreds of horsepower from a total cubic capacity that doesn’t exceeds the one of a water bottle.

The race is tight. While the Supra has the power advantage, the RX7 weighs less. See what happens in the video bellow.

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