Toyota Says No to Hipster Apple Infotainment System

You’ve probably noticed that the car infotainment system is pretty much like a tablet that can control the radio, sat nav, connect to the internet and permits you to post silly things on social media.
Toyota Avalon Dash 1 photo
And since this is the trend, Apple wants to make it big and make the new iOS 7 and Siri assistant compatible with car’s dashboards, so you can use your iPhone or iPad as an infotainment system.

For the end user it seems a good deal, simply because people tend to upgrade their phones more often then car stereos and navigation, thus renewing the hardware faster, unlike the factory systems on which you can only perform software updates form time to time.

Many automakers have enlisted the help of tech companies like Apple, but Toyota wants to stay oldschool for the moment. The modifications needed to adapt such systems may affect the price of cheaper vehicles, which is not syncing up with the Japanese automaker at the moment.

More about Apple integration at Extremetech


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