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Toyota RND Concept Is a Joke, an Auris With a Red Nose

This week, Toyota UK released a short yet very interesting press release saying it’s going to unveil a ground-breaking, industry-changing concept car next week on the 26th of January, out of the blue. Well, it turns out this is a joke from the British Toyota Division.
Toyota RND Concept unveilled 3 photos
Toyota RND Concept unveilledToyota RND Concept teaser
They were saying the RND Concept will be unveiled outside of a major auto show and despite being a concept, they already got it into production form, with manufacturing and product supply having already been secured.

Along with the announcement there was a teaser photo showing part of a red round thing and a vent sliced in half by a nice shiny chromed piece. All seemed legit for a cool concept designed by Toyota, a company which is now getting rid of the old conservationist car styling.We were all blind
Yep, although pretty much every other publication wrote about this, nobody wondered if this is true or not. No one except the Autovisie website from the Netherlands which discovered the masquerade.

Hate spoiling the surprise, but RND stands for Red Nose Day, which is organized each year by Comic Relief UK charity organization to raise money for people in need. This means the RND Concept is basically a Toyota Auris with a red nose placed over its badge, like you can see in our “rendering” above.

So basically, Toyota wants to sell you a red plastic nose for your car to raise the charity money. It will be available at its dealerships starting February until March and if you don’t have time visiting you, you can get them from Ebay too.

Smart move Toyota... smart move!


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