Toyota Proves Trash Can Power a Car in the Future, Now

Great Scott! Perhaps we should say great Hydrogen because that’s what you get when you process trash and turn it into biofuel. Take that and mix it up with some natural gas and you get the right juice the Toyota Mirai needs to hit the 88 mph (no time travel included). If you’re on a highway in Germany, that is, not in the US, but you get the point.
A modified Toyota Mirai the company has presented at the US launch 1 photo
Photo: Toyota
We’ll tip our hats to Toyota for this gig, as they have really surprised us. Sure, the marketing team never told us they may be ruining some people’s dreams for the long-awaited October 21, 2015, since some actually expected a flying car that can travel through time.

As far as we’re concerned, however, the Mirai is not stepping on the name "DMC-12 DeLorean," but rather pays its rightfully deserved tribute and moves on. Perhaps this is the future, the power to move on and make the best of your ride. Thirty years later, the DeLorean time machine transforms into the best thing human kind was able to create in the little time (or not) we had.

Like it or not, Toyota is probably the biggest player in the game to sell hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles commercially. Is it worth it? Well, it depends on how much cash you want to spend and how much you actually care for the air people outside the automobile breathe.

We can tell you this much, Under the United States Environmental Protection Agency (AEPA) cycle, the 2016 model year Mirai has a total range of 312 miles (502 km) on a full tank. That comes from a combined city/highway fuel economy rating of 66mpg US (3.6l/100km; 79mpg) equivalent. We are looking at the most fuel efficient hydrogen fuel cell vehicle rated by the EPA, and the one with the largest range.

Before any government incentives, retail sale begins at a price of $57,500 in the US. The Japanese vehicle has been launched today in California, the only state where it will be available for now, and there’s a four-minute video below that should tickle your interest, it sure worked with us.

There’s a second clip as well, but we’ll let you discover that one. Hint: Doc Brown arrives in the future with a great message.

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