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Toyota Prius Trapped by NYC Snowstorm, Owner Selling It for $100 and Dig Out Job

While many Prius owners can be labeled as overly attached to their hybrids, the man who drives the Toyota in the image above may just be one of those... overly detached Prius owners.
Toyota Prius Trapped by NYC Snowstorm 1 photo
After his Prius has been buried in snow over the weekend due to the apocalyptic blizzard that has hit New York City, this man appears to be ready for a separation.

It's not difficult to reach a conclusion such as the one above after seeing the guy's Craigslist ad. While being one of the shortest listings we've seen in quite a while, the ad makes things pretty clear: "I'm not trying to dig this bi#*h out. First hundo takes it. Love, Max."

Is Max really prepared to give his Prius to anybody who will pay one hundred dollars and offer to get the vehicle out of the snow?

We can't know for sure, but there are plenty of reasons that could've led to such a decision. For one thing, New York parking places are extremely valuable, so having yours blocked off by a car you no longer care for isn't an option.

The ad could always be a joke and yet we're willing to bet the guy would be ready to pay quite a lot for anybody offering to pull the hybrid out of the snow.

We're talking about a Brooklyn area ad, so if you're feeling lucky, check it out here and give our man a call.

Redditor pieliker24, who spotted the Craigslist ad, generated a discussion that led to people from all over the country being ready to fly over to NYC and rescue the car.

Come to think of it, even if the Prius under the snow is, say, heavily damaged, the deal is still a good one. You can certainly get a considerably higher sum from your local junkyard, for example.

Updated: Zooming in on that rear-view mirror protruding through the snow reveals this is actually a sixth-gen Hyundai Sonata, not a Prius. Hat tip to Fabou.


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