Toyota Prius Leads 2013 California Sales

Hybrid car sales are escalating quickly in the state of California and people there seem to love the Prius more than any other green machine.
2013 Toyota Prius 1 photo
Toyota achieved a number of 15,661 sold Prius models in the area, leaving behind Honda in second and third place with its 15,369 Accord and 14,918 Civic models shipped to customers.

The hybrid sales are on their way up in Cali, reaching 7.5 percent of all vehicles sold and 48.4 of them are represented by Japanese brands, very much the same as last year’s first quarter.

The overall vehicle sale in the sunny state grew 12.6 percent in the quarter, 5.4 percent more than nationwide sales, where the Ford F-Series pickup truck holds the first position on sales charts.

Story via Silicon Valley


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