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Toyota Prius Drivers Battle For Supremacy on California Highway

Road rage and anger can be caused by any number of things, most of which are minor. However, we never really associated it with ‘eco’ drivers who drive ‘green’ cars, yet, they seem to be as affected by the whole concept of road rage, as any other driver.
These two Toyota Prius drivers from California clearly show that the above statement is accurate. The driver in the car with the dash-mounted camera is also driving a Prius, and he reportedly annoys the other driver after passing him a few times, and out accelerating him.

This sparks an almost-Russian spectacle of pure road rage and anger, in which the driver of the black Prius doesn’t get out of the way of the other car, brakes for no reason, swerves in-between the lanes and even stops at one point to taunt the other driver with the phrase “Cone On!”


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