Toyota Owner Loves Van Halen so Much He Painted the Car Like the Guitar

Toyota Owner Loves Van Halen so Much He Painted the Car like His Guitar 1 photo
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A Van Halen fan decided to refresh his newly bought Toyota truck through an unique paint job. He covered his car in the same scheme of Eddie’s guitar for the new look. The making of video was recently uploaded on the sponsor’s website.
It’s basically a smart way the paint makers, Plutonium Painting, are selling their products.

The video shows the man painting his car, step-by-step, using the same crisscrossing geometric pattern of black and white stripes, he then sprayed on a red body. Apart from the “how-to-do” feature, which is not really that of a big deal, you’ll probably enjoy the video for Van Halen’s songs playing in the background.

As to the rock band, Eddie Van Halen is famous for a lot of great songs. Similar to most of the genius musicians out there, the lead guitarist also gives names to his instruments. In the case in question, we’re looking at the same design the guitar Halen was playing in the famous Eruption solo.

Named the 2nd greatest guitar solo by Guitar World magazine, Eruption is also featured in Guitar Hero: Van Halen and is considered as one of the most difficult pieces in the game. Although one-handed tapping (professionally called hammer-ons and pull-offs) had been previously done by many guitarists, Eruption popularized the technique and it also introduced two-handed tapping to the mainstream popular rock audience.

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