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Toyota MR-2 "Cherry" Is a Widebody Porsche 935 Impostor

If you're looking to become a part of the JDM rear-wheel-drive family, you're probably only thinking of one car, the Mazda MX-5. However, there's an alternative from Toyota that's way more interesting.
Toyota MR-2 "Cherry" Is a Widebody Porsche 935 Impostor 1 photo
Not many people talk about the original Toyota MR-2, even though it's a 2-seat sports car with pop-up headlights, just like the NA Miata. While these models are technically considered modern classics, they can still be bought on a tight budget.

While celebrating Enzo's babies on the month of his birth, we often came to the conclusion that the F355 is one of Ferrari's best designs. And for some reason, the Toyota MR-2 looks like a carbon copy, shrunk to a smaller scale.

Not only does it come in red, but the proportions are quite similar, which comes down to the MR-2 also being a mid-engined car. Its technology is famously quite simple, however, with the first twin-cam 16-valve engine under its hood, you couldn't call it rudimentary.

This artistic piece by Brad Builds seems to be based on the more modern second-generation car from the 1990s. However, it's been taken to the next level using a design "borrowed" not from Ferrari but from Porsche.

Somehow, the "Flatnose" look of the Porsche 935 works perfectly with the widebody kit grafted onto the MR-2. We'd like to see this with a raw carbon look if we're on the subject of that reborn German icon.

Because so many MR-2 got Ferrari replica body kits, it's not easy to take this car seriously. However, the turbocharged version was perhaps the fastest sports car you could buy for the money. Those things were believed to be faster than a Ferrari V8 or an NSX at the time.

Maybe this article will motivate you to go out there, buy your own MR-2 and find a way to turn it into a widebodied, badass Porsche/Ferrari impersonator.


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