Toyota Mirai Fueled by Lemonade Clip Tells Us Summer's Not Gone Yet

We bet you remember the ad Toyota released some months ago showing how the new Mirai fuel cell EV can be powered by sh!t, so we'll use this opportunity to tell you this time around, the brand went for a more...summerish approach.
Toyota Mirai Fueled by Lemonade 1 photo
The video you're about to see is another addition to the "Fueled by Everything" set that tries to teach the public about the potential of hydrogen fuel. It's a smart move on Toyota's behalf, we'll give you that, as it combined everyday life situations with an insight of the tech behind the Mirai.

We won't tell you a lot about the video because we don't like spoilers, but before you click play, allow us to mention the fact that you'll be able to recognize comedian Nikki Glaser who helps kids get rid of unsold lemonade from their stands.

It's obvious that Toyota has a lot of faith in the Mirai FCEV, but they also want the green car to perform well in terms of customer attraction, although it will be sold in limited numbers - around 3,000 units through 2017.

In the last couple of weeks alone, Toyota released a video that explains how their research over the years found its way into the Mirai FCEV and announced a small batch of Mirai models reached UK shores.

Besides lucky Californian owners, selected Europeans customers will have access to the fuel cell electric sedan. From what Toyota has been telling us, these model will reach countries like Denmark and Germany as in these areas hydrogen fuel supply and retail infrastructure are being developed.

But in case you live in California, we remind you that you can own the Mirai only if Toyota see you as a fit owner, and, of course, after your bank account will be $57,500 thinner.


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