Toyota Launches Ponam-35 Leisure Boat

It seems that Toyota is so confident about the good job it’s doing with building vehicles that run on land that the company decided to head for the sea. Long story (Toyota has tried this before in the late 90’s, but killed off the project in 2001) short, here is the Toyota Ponam-35 leisure boat.
We are talking about a cruiser that can accommodate 12 people, with the fly bridge having a capacity of five persons. The boat is almost 40 feet long and tips the scales at just under 19,000 lbs.

Under the hood deck, we find two V8 engines that use common rail diesel injection. The units are modified version of the Land Cruiser’s 4.5-liter V8 that have been tweaked to cater to maritime transportation needs. The combined output of the powerplants sits at 740 hp.

The company has even set itself a sales target, aiming to convince 15 customers per year. How large should your bank account be? Enough to sustain a JPY59,010,000 ($765,271 at the current exchange rate) hit.

What can we say? when we tested the Land Cruiser, it was so good at off-roading that it made our greedy personalities lust for also taking it out on water and here we are, being offered the possibility to do just that. OK, the body might be a bit different and the engine has a twin, but these are details. What is the lesson here? You don’t have to be careful what you wish for, as long as it’s something awesome


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