Toyota Land Cruiser and G-Wagon Gangs Up on Nissan Patrol in Russia

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a Toyota getting involved in some crazy road rage action. Maybe that’s because Toyota drivers are old or since they went for such a car, they do more thinking than others.
Toyota Land Cruiser vs Nissan Patrol in Russia 1 photo
Photo: screenshot from Youtube
Anyway, someone will eventually break the rule of the typical Toyota owner and will do something stupid on the road at some point. Like this guy from Russia did after another car blocked his lane changing maneuver.

So, apparently there were two guys, maybe friends, close following each other in traffic somewhere in Russia. One is driving a Mercedes-Benz G-Class and the other a Toyota Land Cruiser V8. As they were rushing to get somewhere, they were fast switching lanes, zigg-zagging in the traffic. The boiling point was reached when some other guy in a dirty Nissan Patrol didn’t allowed them to occupy his lane and almost causing a crash.

The two “road warriors” decided to chase the man down, stop him and give him a lesson. Which they managed by boxing him in on the side of the road.

At this point we expected to see some baseball bats or at leas a crowbar, as the two SUV’s doors opened. But the guy driving the Nissan must have had a firearm or something because for some reason everybody chilled pretty quick and drove away.

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