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Toyota Is Not Hurrying To Make a Hybrid Land Cruiser

With the emissions and safety rules getting more drastic with each several years, no vehicle is immune to change if the automaker wants to keep it on the market and even the big off-roaders will have to adopt the electrical wizardry at some point.
Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 1 photo
Toyota aims to have a hybrid version for every one of its models before 2020, but the big off-roader is not its concern right now as you might have thought.

Speaking with, Toyota chief engineer Sadayoshi Koyari said that a hybrid Land Cruiser or Prado is not a priority for now and it depends on where the management put the project on the list.

Koyari also explained that with the current hybrid technology, the Land Cruiser will be limited in its off-road capabilities. For example, it wont be able to cross a small river.

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