Toyota Hilux Drifts Into Oblivion in Saudi Arabia

What’s the first thing you do after you crash your Toyota Hilux in Saudi Arabia, while you are illegally drifting it on a public road? You remove the number plate, of course, because it will link you to the incident and get you beheaded!
Hilux Crash 1 photo
Also, a Toyota pick-up truck isn’t the most obvious choice for a drift car, as it has a high center of gravity and rudimentary suspension which seriously impairs on-road handling, when pushed to the limit. As you can see in the video, it snaps into oversteer, then understeer, then hits the curb and bounces around rather amusingly.

Sadly for the Hilux, the repair job will be a rather expensive one - if anybody is planning on repairing it, that is, because the front wheel was ripped right off and the car is dented on all sides. However, the driver does try to make a getaway immediately after the crash, not realizing that he has lost a wheel.

The fact that it is still running and sending power to the remaining wheels, is testament to just how well built and engineered these Toyota pick-ups are, but drift cars, they are certainly not!

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