Toyota GT 86 Tops Carbuyer’s Best Sportscars List

What makes a good sportscar? Power? Looks? Handling? Well, you might also want to add affordability if you’re looking from the average person’s perspective.
Toyota GT 86 1 photo
Photo: Toyota
That’s why the Toyota GT 86 took first place in carbuyer’s new Best Sports Cars survey. And to sustain the value for money idea I’m pointing out here, second place was achieved by the Subaru BRZ, which is basically the same car as the GT 86, while the high-performance machines like the Jaguar F-Type or Porsche 911 were placed towards the end of the list.

This doesn’t mean they are not good to drive. Who wouldn’t want to rev a fire-spitting V8 in the morning instead of a four-banger? But since we’re talking about down-to-earth cars you can use everyday and also put a smile on your face, no one managed to beat the Toybaru ingredients so far.

Maybe Nissan could do so if its IDx concept will come out. If they keep much of the concept’s design, drop a 250hp engine in it and price it correctly, I’m a bit afraid for the GT 86.

Toyota and Subaru did a wonderful job with the GT 86 model. They literally went back to basics in order to create the driver’s car from decades ago - sleek coupe shape, engine up front, manual gearbox in the middle and a mechanical differential at the back. Of course, making it RWD meant that production costs will be a bit higher than for a FWD crappy coupe or hatchback, but Toyota pulled it off after all by reducing costs in other places, like the interior. So you get tail-happy good-looking coupe for the price of an Audi TT (which is third on the list by the way).

It’s a car for those who enjoy driving instead of a fancy interior. And if some consider it underpowered at its 200 hp, well, the automaker left it that way so more people will afford a RWD new sportscar. And if you need more power all you have to do is stick a turbocharger to it.
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