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Toyota GR Supra Goes Vintage, Takes Unofficial Inspiration From Tough FJ Cruiser

If there’s a Toyota bet to be made right now is that both the GR Supra and the J300 Land Cruiser are some of the hottest Japanese commodities. But how about the quirky yet lovable retro-style FJ Cruiser, doesn’t it deserve a little bit of passion?
Toyota GR Supra with FJ Cruiser front render by carfrontswaps on Instagram 264 photos
Perhaps it was a tad ahead of the vintage-themed SUV game that Ford and Jeep are now playing with Bronco and Wrangler. But the Toyota FJ Cruiser somehow didn’t have a very long lease of life in the United States or at home in Japan, even though it does enjoy a rather small cult following among off-road enthusiasts. So, it’s certainly one of those models that may be gone but will never be forgotten.

And let us also remember that it can still be imported in America with some effort because production continues for certain markets such as Chile, the Middle East, the Philippines, or South Africa. So, with the virtual artist behind the carfrontswaps social media account already done with the pairing of the fifth-generation GR Supra and the most recent J300 Land Cruiser, it was time for him/her to move on. Sort of because here is another Supra reinterpretation... that goes for a bit of vintage flair.

After all, if the latest Land Cruiser went sporty, why not do the same thing with the FJ Cruiser... and perhaps achieve the same acclaim? Although many of this CGI master’s previous attempts don’t work beyond serving as comedic relief, there’s something very compelling about the GR Supra and Land Cruiser / FJ Cruiser pairings.

It might be their tough looks, or perhaps something as indescribable as getting Star Wars-themed Stormtrooper vibes... in both cases. But the main idea is that for me these GR Supra reinterpretations work decidedly well. Of course, all in the confines of imagination land. Because I already know there’s virtually no chance at all for any of them to become real.

Editor's note: Gallery includes official images of the Toyota GR Supra and FJ Cruiser.


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