Toyota Follows NamX and Creates Its Own Hydrogen Cartridge with Woven Planet

NamX presented the NamX HUV on May 13, and the vehicle called our attention a lot less than the hydrogen capsules the company said could power it. The idea was to sell these small tanks everywhere to help create the hydrogen demand that will justify hydrogen stations in the future. Either Toyota liked the idea, or it was working on something similar. Less than a month later, the Japanese carmaker introduced its hydrogen cartridges.
Toyota followed NamX's steps and presented a hydrogen cartridge 6 photos
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How Toyota and ENEOS plan to distribute hydrogen in Woven CityENEOS' hydrogen station in Woven CityToyota's portable hydrogen cartridge (prototype)Toyota's portable hydrogen cartridge (prototype)Toyota's portable hydrogen cartridge (prototype)
While the NamX hydrogen capsule weighs 8 kilograms (17.6 pounds), Toyota’s cartridge has a target weight of 5 kg (11 lb). None of the companies disclosed how much hydrogen these small tanks can carry, but at least Toyota gave us an idea of the size of this 5-kg unit: it is 40 cm (16 inches) long and has a diameter of 18 cm (7 in). Toyota will show it to the public at Super Taikyu Series 2022 Round 2 at Fuji SpeedWay on June 4 and June 5.

The main difference between the NamX and Toyota’s approach to using these swappable hydrogen capsules is that NamX is focused on using them in its vehicles (at least it has not mentioned other uses). On top of that, the company presented how these receptacles will be connected to the NamX HUV. Toyota talks about bigger plans for its cartridges.

The Japanese carmaker said that they will work with “a broad range of daily life applications in and outside of the home.” When it decided to be more specific, Toyota mentioned that the hydrogen tanks are suitable for “mobility, household applications” and presented an image that shows these cartridges in motorcycles, cars, drones, heating equipment, and generators – summing up, anything that can work with electricity. All it takes is a fuel cell that can feed on the cartridges’ hydrogen.

Toyota is developing the idea with Woven Planet and ENEOS on generating hydrogen free of carbon dioxide emissions. Woven Planet is a Toyota subsidiary building a city called Woven City in Susono, Shizuoka. Expected to open in 2024, Woven City will have a hydrogen station created by ENEOS before it is inaugurated. The new hydrogen cartridges will be another way to deliver the green hydrogen these companies want to produce.

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