Toyota Corolla Wreck Refuses to Die, Pulls a Hilux Invincibility Moment

We've all seen the Top Gear episode where a Toyota Hilux pickup truck gets it. Similar to one of those torture scenes where the poor victim is given adrenaline shots to be brought back to life several times only to endure some more torments, the Hilux manages to survive everything that's thrown at it (sometimes literally).
Wrecked Toyota Corolla 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from YouTube
Its reward? The chance to take part in another test, each new one more gruesome than the previous. At the end, though, after coming out of the sea's salty water and getting through the demolition of a building, the Hilux is finally declared "indestructible," and the wreck received the honor of taking up a permanent spot on the show's set.

Well, it looks like this indestructible gene might be passed to other models inside the Toyota family as well after this video of a Corolla surface on the Internet. The classic expression used to describe something really beat-up involving an elephant and its large ass applies perfectly here. The Toyota has clearly been caught up in a very serious crash that left virtually no part of it untouched.

The car's chassis is bent in the middle, with the passenger door (it's worth noting they drive on the left side in Pakistan) all caved in as if the car had hit a pole. On the other hand, the roof is also messed up, with all signs pointing towards a collision on the left side with the car wrapping around whatever it was it hit.

The rear-left tire is completely blown-out with just a few strips of rubber remaining, while most of the windows are either broken or missing. How exactly it still manages to go forward in a controlled manner is a mystery, but even more remarkable is the driver's ability to see anything through that broken windshield. Even though at the speed he's going, all he needs to see is the horizon.

You're probably watching this all cringed up and feeling sorry for both the car and its driver, but if I were a Toyota engineer who worked on developing this mode, I'd feel a bit proud. As a Pakistani Toyota salesperson, though, it'd probably think we'll need to screen our clients more carefully in the future.

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