Toyota Century SUV on Vossen Wheels Looks Even More Like a Rolls-Royce Cullinan

Following the success of the Century luxury sedan, Toyota has introduced an eponymous model that allows them to take a swing at high-end SUVs. The Century SUV is only a few days old, following the official unveiling earlier this week, and sadly, it will only be offered in Japan.
Toyota Century SUV - Rendering 7 photos
Photo: Instagram | kelsonik via alan_enileev
Toyota Century SUV - RenderingToyota Century SUV - RenderingToyota Century SUV - RenderingToyota Century SUV - RenderingToyota Century SUV - RenderingToyota Century SUV - Rendering
Production will commence at the Tahara factory, and the automaker plans to build 30 copies of the car each month. Therefore, its availability will be very limited. Considering that it targets rivals such as the Rolls-Royce Cullinan and Bentley Bentayga, albeit with smaller proportions and a more affordable price tag of around $170,000 locally, or 25 million yen, this isn't the type of vehicle that would sell in great numbers.

Toyota is well aware of this fact, and they plan to do great things with the Century SUV. A performance-oriented GRMN derivative is in the pipeline. Previewed by a pre-production model shown during the presentation, it has a sporty exterior design, beefy brakes, and chassis enhancements. There is no word about the powertrain for now, but it's safe to assume it will be punchier than the regular variant. This one enjoys 406 brake horsepower (412 ps/303 kW) from its plug-in hybrid 3.5-liter V6.

In addition to the GRMN, Toyota has also teased a convertible option. The open-top model featured a foldable soft top, and it is possible that if it indeed hits the assembly line, then it might be built in very limited numbers. On a more positive note, only a few of them will ever see the light of day, and we wouldn't act surprised to learn that they will launch a one-of-one built at the request of a wealthy customer. Guess we'll have to wait and see what the plan is with this version.

Now, while the Land of the Rising Sun-based company is gearing up for the launch of the Century SUV, the model has attracted the attention of the rendering crowd. One of the first batches of CGIs that we stumbled upon since the presentation keeps things on the simple side. There are no exaggerated body kits here, as the Vossen wheels that sport a larger diameter than the stock ones are the highlight of this digital proposal. The pixel manipulator, aka Kelsonik on Instagram, didn't draw the line at the alloys, as they also gave it new colors. These comprise a flashy shade of gold and a light hue of red, in addition to the black example that retains the original appearance.

Make no mistake, some of the biggest tuners out there are probably already planning various upgrades for the first-ever Toyota Century SUV, but for now, you'll have to make do with renderings if you're into modified luxury high-riders. So, what's your take on these?

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