Toyota bZ4X GR Sport Concept Lands in Tokyo Looking Like Something You’d Want to Buy

While the all-new 2023 Toyota bZ4X has yet to go on sale in the United States, there’s already somewhat of a buzz around it. It’s hard to imagine Prius owners not trading in their lurky hatchback for a fully electric crossover, given the opportunity.
Toyota bZ4X GR Sport Concept 7 photos
Toyota bZ4X GR Sport ConceptToyota bZ4XToyota bZ4XToyota bZ4XToyota bZ4XToyota bZ4X
In order to build up even more excitement, the Japanese carmaker just unveiled the more dynamic-looking bZ4X GR Sport Concept at the 2022 Tokyo Auto Show. Toyota doesn’t mention any performance-enhancing modifications, but visually, the changes are easy to spot.

This sporty-looking bZ4X concept comes with large-diameter wheels and wider tires for additional grip, plus matte black body panels for a more menacing aesthetic. On the inside, it features sports seats and that’s everything the carmaker is willing to say at this point.

If/when this specification is made available to the public, we can imagine it also boasting a sportier steering wheel, some vibrant contrast stitching, things of that nature.

We’re not sure if it will also come with performance-enhancing modifications, which would mean the quickest variant will still be the dual-motor model, putting down a combined 215 hp (218 ps). In a straight line, it will get you to 62 mph (100 kph) in 7.7 seconds, and if you take it easy, you could drive for a manufacturer-estimated 250 miles (400 km).

On a personal note, coming out with a GR Sport spec bZ4X that doesn’t produce any more power feels a little pointless. This crossover already looks aggressive enough (arguably, with all those sharp angles), so looks aren’t necessarily the problem.

Without additional performance, that GR Sport badge would probably feel a bit empty, as far as car enthusiasts are concerned. The good news is that there’s plenty of room for improvement on that 7.7 second sprint time, which is currently on the “slow side” by EV standards.


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