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Toyota 86 "Origami" Has Massive Widebody with Ferrari Testarossa-Like Intakes

We are less than a week away from the day when the 2020 Tokyo Auto Salon opens its gates and big carmakers are not the only ones cooking something for the venue. For one, aftermarket developers are working to complete the developments that will make jaws drop at the Japanese event. And the Toyota 86 we're here to discuss is an example as good as any.
326 Power Toyota 86 13 photos
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In theory, we're looking at a widebody Toyota 86, but the details of this build set it apart from most of the kind. I must start by mentioning the widebody kit comes with vents that catch one's eye. And the numbers defining the hardware are as serious as you'd expect. To be more precise, the front fenders add 150mm on each side of the vehicle, while the figure climbs to 200mm for the rear fenders. And yes, it does look like those intakes are there for the sheer visual excitement.

Other downforce devices involve the front lip spoiler, while the posterior of the Toyobaru packs a massive wing that can spread up to 210 cm in width.

Of course, the wheels are a key piece of this look at me puzzle. And I won't even go into the details of these colored, fat-lipped custom shoes. Instead, it seems like the extreme negative camber angle is the headliner - together with the uber-limited ground clearance, this makes the Toyota a member of the Hellaflush genre.

We're talking about one of the most controversial tuning subcultures out there, which sacrifices both ride and handling for the sake of appearance. So it's no wonder this has been banned in certain parts of the world.

Now, those of you who are tuned into our Speed Shot tales (there's a dedicated tag below) might have seen this kit before. That's because we're dealing with the 326 Power aero package - the tuner we have here is the dream of a single man (Mitsuru Haruguchi), as is the case with names that have a larger fan base, such as Rauh-Welt Begriff and Liberty Walk.

However, while the 326 Power Toyota 86 we discussed back in September last year came in white, the apple candy red and the baby blue wheel centers that define the new portrait make quite a difference.


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