Toyota 86 "Baja Buggy" Looks Ready for Zombie Apocalypse

Toyota 86 "Baja Buggy" 4 photos
Photo: bradbuilds/Instagram
Toyota 86 "Baja Buggy" Looks Ready for AnythingToyota 86 "Baja Buggy" Looks Ready for AnythingToyota 86 "Baja Buggy" Looks Ready for Anything
Right now, the cheapest Scion FRS you can pick up (in reasonable condition) is about $8,000. Frankly, that's ridiculously high for a 2013 model. Meanwhile, a Toyota 86 from about 2017 is roughly $12,000+, which tells us this rear-wheel-drive coupe has achieved cult status.
One quick look at what people have been bringing to SEMA tells you the industry around the Toyobaru is fully fleshed out. You've got your coilovers, your widebody kits, fancy racing alloys, and exhaust systems. But I bet you've never seen anything off-road related.

It sounds a little strange at first, but the more you think about it, the more you realize the FRS/86 has potential. A lot of the engineering in the chassis and engine comes from Subaru, and they placed the 2-liter boxer as low as possible. It's also a light car, and we known rally teams in Europe did use this car on dirt and ice.

Sports coupes that are light and balanced can be lifted and used in rally situations. Just look at the classic air-cooled Porsche 911 or the VW Beetle for that matter. We also can't forget about the Toyota Celica's rallying career.

To get the same kind of "Overland" treatment for the Toyobaru, we obviously need to go into the digital world, where Brad Builds has put together this attention-grabbing machine.

In the past half a year, he's messed around with Teslas and prepared both the Roadster II and the Cybertruck for a Mad Max post-apocalyptic world. Now, if we're honest, if we'd prepare a Toyota for the zombie battleground, it wouldn't have a Subaru engine. They're known for unreliability later in life. It's nothing too bad, but you wouldn't want to worry about changing head gaskets under extreme pressure.

Getting back to the rendering at hand, this 3D model rocks a set of Falken tires, which financially support the execution of the model. Also, the Toyobaru is rocking bull bars, a safari roof rack LED accessory lights scattered all over the place.

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