Toyo Tires Drifts 1,000 HP GT-R and Monster GT86 Around Its Factory in Japan

One of the best ads in the car industry come from suppliers of products that aren't enticing on their own, such as engine oil or tires and we want to bring you the most recent example of this, in the form of a brilliant Toyo Tires clip.
Toyo Tires Drifts 1,000 HP GT-R and Monster GT86 Around Its Factory in Japan 1 photo
The Japanese rubber company decided to unleash a pair of monster drift cars around its factory in Japan and we can only applaud such an effort. Since the company runs the D1 GP's Toyo Tires Drift, it was only natural to ask drivers Masato Kawabata (the 189 MPH drift guy) and Hideyuki Fujino to play the sideways game through the tire builder's plant.

While Masato Kawabata brought along his 1,000 rear-wheel-drive converted Nissan GT-R, Fujino can be seen manhandling a Toyota GT86, which we assume comes with similar specs.

This isn't the first time when the company comes up with such a stunt, with the developer having kicked off the hostilities with a similar effort last year.

Now, do you need a reason to pull drift battles through a rubber plant? Not really, but Toyo Tires decided to provide an explanation anyway.

"The mesmerizing driving performance of the two drivers is synchronized with various aspects and scenes in life to show the integration of Toyo Tires as a brand that enhances the performance of cars while also being a part of the daily life of people everywhere. The segment near the end where the two cars do donut turns in the dramatic light of a setting sun is meant to convey the splendor and joy of life," the company explains in the Youtube description of the clip.

Well, as long as the rubber keeps being transformed into smoke, we're definitely getting the "joy of life" experience. Make sure you hit the "play" button below so you can share the joy too.

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