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TowIt Is a Crowdsourced App That Could Make City Traffic Better

Lousy parkers are as often as bad motorists, yet most of the times we admit that finding a place for your car in a busy city is rather an adventure than a routine. Sometimes, you accept that parking in the wrong place is bad, but you know there’s no other way. There are never enough spots available for the vast number of cars driving on a daily basis. However, the Canadian creators of this app claim these violations should not be left unnoticed.
TowIt Is a Crowdsourced App That Hopes to Make Traffic Better 1 photo
Founded in December last year, TowIt is the brainchild of Michael McArthur and Gregory Meloche, two Canadians that want to help reduce traffic congestion, pollution and collisions. How? By building a global, cross-platform mobile application that allows civilians to report parking violations and dangerous driving in real time.

These reports, however, are not just to shame bad motorists, since TowIt’s founders are trying to get municipal governments, local law enforcement, and towing companies join in the initiative. The authorities would find an easier way to make their jobs while the streets would become more accessible. The app targets at reducing collisions, opening up economies, improving the environment and enhancing the lives of urban residents and suburban commuters alike. Not an anti-car movement
This is not an anti-car movement by any means. I know it may seem that way to the public, I’m downtown cyclist, and I really don’t care what they think,” McArthur told The Star. “We are trying to solve a problem that impacts tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people in our city, every day.”

The key to this app being successful involves both the number of people using it and the involvement of local authorities. Creating an interface that connects all the participants in traffic sure is a good start to making it better some day, especially in busy cities. So we say good for them!


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