Totaled Porsche 911 GT3 with 156 Km on the Clock for Sale

Totaled Porsche 911 GT3 with 156 Kilometers on the Clock for Sale 9 photos
The owner of this Porsche 911 GT3 decided he just couldn't live with his car any more after totalling it and is now selling it on German website for €49,900 (about £40k, $64k), more than half of what it should cost when new.
The seller lives in the small town of Solms, located in the Hesse region of Germany. He says that the car had only 156 kilometers (97 miles) on the clock when crashed.

Is it worth that much? Well it depends on how you view things. The whole rear subframe has been torn of with the engine, gearbox and back wheels attached. Considering the 911 GT3 is a precision tool, like one of those robotic scalpels, we doubt that it can be put back together working like new after a crash like this. It's doable, but not smart – don't forget he rear wheel steering, the crazy suspension tech and advanced electronics.

The most value here is in the untouched interior and the engine. The new GT3's 3.8-liter boxer mill is probably the most advanced naturally aspirated six cylinder unit ever put into production and it puts out 475 PS. This could be ideal if you're planning to start a racing team and need a backup mill for your 911.

A gold statue of Godzilla recently sold for 1.5 million dollars (€1.2m, £1.1M). Other than turning that into a large paper holder, we don't see any use for it. So about 30 times less for bits from an awesome Porsche isn't that bad.

Now here's a funny question for you: If you buy the junker GT3 and put the engine into something else, will you feel safe? Seeing as the 3.8-liter mill famously had a tendency to catch fire and was the center of a major recall scandal, not many people could live with the idea that they're going to be engulfed in a ball of flame while strapped down in a full racing harness. It's not that we don't trust Porsche's full engine swap or anything, but that's in mint condition and this GT3 has seen a lot better days.
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