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Topcar Design Digitally Tunes The Lamborghini Urus

Specialized in all things Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Range Rover, the peeps at Topcar Design are well known for their tuning jobs all across the world. The Moscow-based shop’s next project is the Urus, the Lamborghini of SUVs and the fastest sport utility vehicle of the moment.
Topcar Design Lamborghini Urus 6 photos
Topcar Design Lamborghini UrusTopcar Design Lamborghini UrusTopcar Design Lamborghini UrusTopcar Design Lamborghini UrusTopcar Design Lamborghini Urus
Of all the MLB Evo-based automobiles in the Volkswagen Group, the Urus is the most striking thanks to the Italian flair Lamborghini is known for. It’s hard to believe the platform is shared with the Audi Q7, which is hugely high praise considering how different the two utility vehicles are.

Lamborghini, however, set out to make Urus the golden standard of the segment, at least in terms of performance. But all the aero-focused trickery going on there also helps with the looks, which can be described as unforgettable. As for more serious words such as nice and ugly, it’s up to the beholder to define what the Urus is like from his or her point of view.

What the Urus doesn’t need is even more style, but Topcar Design is working its magic on the world’s first Super SUV. The images in the gallery are renderings of what the real deal would look like, and as you can tell, the dark green with the satin finish makes the Urus more ominous.

The green paintwork looks particularly aggressive in combination with the red and black trim pieces, red brake calipers, and five-spoke black wheels. Glance over the hood, front fenders and bumper, rear quarter panels and diffuser, and you’ll notice something nice there as well. The exhaust hasn’t been forgotten either, coming in quad configuration with round or trapezoidal finishers.

Topcar Design doesn’t mention anything about a possible upgrade package for the 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8, but knowing the Russian tuning shop, it’s inevitable. An ECU reflash and more aggressive intake system would crank things up to 700 horsepower, which is Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT Trackhawk territory when you think about it.


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