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Top Navigation App Launches on Android Auto as a Full Google Maps Alternative

Google Maps and Waze are currently the top two choices when it comes to navigation apps on Android Auto, but this is also because the platform has until now blocked third-party software from running in the car.
Sygic on Android Auto 9 photos
Sygic on Android AutoSygic on Android AutoSygic on Android AutoSygic on Android AutoSygic on Android AutoSygic on Android AutoSygic on Android AutoSygic on Android Auto
In other words, these two were the only navigation apps Google allowed on Android Auto, while third-party solutions were restricted to the phone interface.

This all changed earlier this year when Google decided to unlock Android Auto and allow third-party navigation apps in the car. Just as expected, several important developers out there confirmed plans to bring their navigation software to Android Auto, and Sygic is one of the first to do it.

A beta build that was published this week for registered testers allows the app to run on Android Auto, bringing the full capabilities of the mobile app to the larger head unit available in the car.

As you can see in these photos shared on reddit by user jesusbabio, Sygic seems to be perfectly integrated into the Android Auto experience, and at first glance, it provides a rather straightforward approach that lets you quickly navigate to favorite locations, such as work and office.

If this sounds familiar, it’s because Google Maps also offers similar capabilities, but of course, Sygic also lets you quickly search for a specific address to use as the destination with the help of a dedicated button on the home screen.

One of the main features of Sygic is support for offline maps, a feature that is also bundled with Google Maps. But as compared to Google’s software, Sygic makes the process of downloading data much more convenient, as it allows users to get full maps in a more lightweight package, which can then be stored on the phone.

At this point, it’s still not known when Sygic aims to bring its app to all Android Auto users, but for now, the priority is to make sure everything is working correctly and thus address all possible bugs before the go-ahead is given for broad availability.


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